• Expert panel | Understanding RES targets


    In September 2023, a revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) was adopted to promote the development of renewable energy in the European Union until 2030. The directive sets transformational targets for EU countries, which will require both political and organisational cooperation to achieve. But behind these targets are the European Union's aspirations to increase its energy independence, reduce emissions and lower the cost of oil, gas and coal imports.  

  • Panel of experts | Has the time for natural gas passed?


    Many countries, including Poland, relied on natural gas as a transitional fuel. The energy crisis and the war in Ukraine have changed this perspective. The reduction of the role of natural gas in the Polish power sector is currently under discussion. This is reflected in the announced update of the scenarios contained in the "Energy Policy of Poland until 2040". However, the assessment of the future role of natural gas cannot be without consideration of the sectors that are the biggest consumers of the blue fuel today - industry or households. Can Poland reduce the role of natural gas in the economy? What are the alternatives to this raw material? What is the role of natural gas in the plans for the transformation of the Polish energy sector? During the meeting, Dr Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk, Director of the Power Sector Programme, presented the results of the Forum Energii report "Time for gas has come?", which will be published at the turn of spring and summer this year. The expert panels organised by the Forum Energii are held in a Chatham House format. The meeting organised during the EEC Congress in Katowice was attended by about 15 experts.

  • Conference | European Energy Security: One Year into Russia's war in Ukraine

    19.4.2023 Warszawa

    Forum Energii and ECFR Warsaw Office invite you to attend the conference "European energy security". One year after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we want to create a space to reflect on how the events of recent months are affecting energy security in Europe and what the priorities should be in the coming period. >>>Click to watch a video of the conference<<<

  • Panel expert meeting | Cable pooling - a step towards the release of capacity for RES


    One of the main barriers to the development of renewable sources is the refusal to allocate connection capacity to the electricity grid. Distribution system operators (DSOs) have long signaled limited opportunities to connect new renewable installations to grids. In 2021 alone, about 3,800 refusals were issued for projects with a total capacity of about 14.5 GW. An important solution that can help free up connection capacity is cable pooling, i.e. combining different generation sources (in particular wind and photovoltaic plants) at a single grid connection point.  

  • Support fundraising for photovoltaics for Ukrainian hospitals


    A vicious war has been raging just across the Polish border for nearly a year. The Russian aggressor has been conducting massive airstrikes against key civilian infrastructure, including energy system, in Ukraine. As a result, long-lasting interruptions in electricity supply are becoming more frequent, which has a devastating effect on the work of hospitals, which face serious problems in properly functioning and taking care of patients' health.

  • Online conference | Energy 2023: a breakthrough?

    31.1.2023 Centralny Dom Technologii + online

    Forum Energii i Polityka Insight holds an online conference "Energy sector 2023: A Breakthrough?". The 2022 has been extremely tumultuous, hammering out previous problems in the energy system and piling up new challenges. The world had just begun to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic when Russian aggression in Ukraine renewed anxiety in Europe. The sudden scarcity of energy resources has exposed the weakness of EU countries' energy policies, which are based largely on Russian fossil fuels. Previous analyses on which strategic decisions were based became almost pointless. It has become clear to Europe that the energy transition must accelerate. What decisions must be made in 2023 to guarantee Poland's energy security in the years to come? Participation in the online conference is free. The broadcast will take place on the youtube of the Forum Energii. The conference will be held in Polish.

  • What future for the Belchatow Power Plant? Directions and opportunities for transformation

    20.10.2022 Łódzka Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego

    Poland's energy sector is facing an urgent transformational challenge. In the face of this process, it is necessary to maintain generation capacity to ensure the security of electricity supply while addressing economic and social challenges. The Belchatow power plant holds a special place on the road map of energy and economic transformation. According to the territorial plan for the just transition of the region of Lodz, lignite production in Belchatow will decrease.

  • LeadAir program conference | Urban Strategies for Energy Security and Climate Neutrality

    14–16.9.2022 Warszawa

    The challenges facing cities have changed dramatically - the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the energy emergency, ever-increasing expenses and ever-decreasing budgets. Local government action is key to responding thoughtfully and effectively in rapidly changing circumstances. Cities must be resilient, safe, accessible and green.

  • Conference | Clean heat as a driving factor of Polish economy

    5.4.2022 online

    Modernisation of the individual heating and district heating sectors is inevitable and is largely economic in nature - outdated infrastructure, dependence on fuel imports, environmental and health costs of air pollution. The scale of investment needed is huge, but it can be made to give a boost to national economic policy and industry, helping to increase GDP, attract high-tech elements of the supply chain or create attractive jobs in post-coal regions. Which technologies should we focus on? Which directions of support should have priority? We invite you to participate in the conference online - the event is free and no registration is required. The conference is held in Polish only.  >>>WATCH LIVE<<

  • Panel expert meeting | RES contracts as a cost-containment method (PPA)


    Industry in Poland faces rising energy prices and accelerating decarbonisation. Urgent programmes are needed to wisely support industry in dealing with the challenges. Emissions reduction is one of them. The growing climate ambition is not just due to environmental regulations, on the contrary - it is the result of increasing pressure from society and customer expectations. How can efforts to protect the climate and increase the share of renewable energy simultaneously support improvements in companies' cost efficiency? One of such solutions are long-term RES contracts, the so-called PPAs.

  • Forum for transformation | State of emergency in the power sector

    8.12.2021 online

    The Polish power industry is sinking into crisis. We can talk about a state of emergency in the this sector. There are several reasons for the crisis - including decisions which have been put off for years, dwindling coal reserves, ageing generation infrastructure and inconsistently implemented restructuring of the sector. Drift and lack of decisions on the directions of further transformation is dangerous from the perspective of the country's energy stability. How to remedy this? What concepts of transformation are presented by experts, institutions and Polish think tanks?   >>>Click to watch the video recording of the conference "State of emergency in the power sector" of 8 December 2021<<<.  The recording is available only with the original soundtrack in Polish.

  • Int-E-Grid | Second meeting of the Polish-German platform on Emobility

    27.10.2021 online

    How to safely integrate electric cars into an energy system that will turn towards renewable energy production? We will answer this question during the second meeting of the  Polish-German Platform on E-mobility within the Int-E-Grid project, which will be held online on Wednesday, 27 October at 10:30 a.m.

  • Panel expert meeting | Fit for 55: How the EU intends to achieve increased reduction targets

    30.6.2021 Cambridge Innovation Centre

    In mid-July, the European Commission will announce one of the biggest legislative packages, Fit for 55. It will aim to put the EU on the path to faster reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, so that the Union can achieve the agreed goal of at least 55% reduction in 2030. The European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is to be reformed. Even more needs to be done to reduce emissions from buildings and transport, so the Commission wants to make proposals on carbon pricing for these sectors. All this will have an impact on the low-carbon energy, heating and transport transformation, but also on fuel and energy prices.

  • Panel expert meeting | How to give impulse to new investments - experience of Poland and Great Britain with the capacity market

    26.5.2021 zoom

    The capacity market as we know it is about to end. From 1 July 2025 it will no longer be able to support coal-fired capacity. Together with rising CO2 emission allowance prices, changes in the power industry are accelerating, and we need a discussion: how to ensure security of supply by 2030, how to fill the coal gap and how to reduce emissions cost effectively. In this context, an important question is whether the capacity market still makes sense, what are the alternatives or how to change it so that it fulfils its role. The Polish energy system needs new capacities, low-carbon sources, DSR, storage and renewable sources.

  • CONFERENCE: The role of electrification of heating in achieving climate neutrality of the sector

    13.5.2021 zoom

    Poland's heating sector needs modernisation. Pressure to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is growing, which will force a technological revolution in the sector - currently inefficient, based mainly on burning coal.  What role can heat electrification play on the path to neutrality? We invite you to participate in the conference. NOTE: conference will be held in Polish.  

  • WEBINAR: Energy transition in Poland. Coal power industry on the turn

    8.4.2021 clickmeeting

    In 2020, for the first time in history, the share of coal in the Polish generation mix dropped below 70%. Renewable sources have slowly started to play a more important role in the mix, as well as gas. In the midst of the pandemic, domestic production has fallen faster than demand, and this gap is filled by energy imports. Watch the Forum Energii webinar! The event was held in English.  

  • Conference | Energy, climate, budget. Forum for the new EU financial perspective

    11.3.2021 youtube

    >>>>>ENGLISH BROADCAST OF THE EVENT<<<<< 'Never let a good crisis go to waste’, Winston Churchill said. The observation seems highly relevant today. The world is struggling with COVID-19, a climate crisis, and social tensions. These huge problems are interconnected and we need to solve them simultaneously. In the European Union, this is a very important moment—the next EU financial perspective is being planned and the Recovery and Resilience Facility has been presented to the Member States. Huge amounts of funds are being mobilised, so this is a great opportunity for crucial reforms for today’s and future generations.   

  • Workshop on the use of National Recovery Funds for the EVs charging network

    10.3.2021 zoom

    In December 2020 European leaders decided to raise the climate target to - 55%. It follows the decision taken a year earlier, which is to achieve European climate neutrality goal by 2050. Very decisive action is required to meet these ambitious climate targets for transforming the way our societies function. The transport sector is responsible for approximately one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. The implementation of emission reduction plans will not be possible without a deep transformation of the whole transport sector. The optimal scenario for reducing emissions from transportation is its complete electrification. This will only be possible if access to a charging infrastructure that meets the needs of different road transport participants is secured. We invite you to a Polish-German workshop on how the National Recovery Plans should be used to optimally support the development of networks for charging electric vehicles - cars, vans, buses and trucks.   

  • Energy sector by 2030. New energy for change

    7.12.2020 konferencja online

    >>>Click here to watch the conference<<< This will be a decade of change. The challenges we face due to the COVID crisis have been met with a strong response from the EU – the European Green Deal, strengthened by an unprecedented fiscal commitment towards transformation. As part of the Green Deal, the European Commission has proposed a 55% reduction target in the upcoming Climate Law. In practice, this is a chance to solidify the already happening transformation in Poland. Analyses from Forum Energii and other analytical institutions show that this change is achievable while strengthening the three pillars of the energy trilema - security of supply, affordable energy for end users and environmental protection. How do we prepare for the upcoming decade of change? How do we use EU and national funds to drive this transformation? How do we build a new energy system that will be both safe and environmentally friendly? During the conference, we will talk about what the energy sector will look like in 2030.      

  • Panel expert meeting | Green Gases

    18.11.2020 zoom

    One of the key goals of the European Union is to achieve climate neutrality. This cannot be done without the energy transition. The aim of the event, in the formula of a panel expert meeting, was a critical discussion on the further development of green gases, based on the guidelines for the hydrogen strategy of the Ministry of Climate and the report of the Forum Energii, which will be published soon.

  • Int-E-Grid: First meeting of the Polish-German Platform on E-mobility

    16.6.2020 zoom

    The first meeting of the Polish-German Electromobility Platform is behind us. In the Int-E-Grid project we want to find out how to support the promotion of electric cars and keep the National Power System secure. 

  • Panel expert meeting | Sector coupling - Polish energy sector climate neutral by 2050

    9.6.2020 zoom

    Achieving climate neutrality is one of the main goals of the European Union. We cannot stay indifferent to climate change and our task is to develop measures that will effectively reduce emissions and stop catastrophic climate change. Transport, heating and energy will have to change as environmental sectors. Electrification of district heating and transport based on low-carbon sources is a huge opportunity, but requires a major change in thinking about the energy transformation.

  • Panel expert meeting | How to "green" Polish district heating?

    12.5.2020 zoom

    In 2019, in the Clean Heat 2030 strategy, we identified four scenarios for reducing CO2 emissions in district heating. One of them predicted its complete decarbonisation by 2050. At that time, however, we did not present in detail the technologies that could help achieve this goal. During panel expert meeting we will present those which will play the most important role in the next decade and will enable us to achieve even 40% of RES in the heating sector in 2030. Together with the Renewable Energy Institute we have analysed their costs, application and specificity. We have not ignored the state of natural resources in Poland, regulations and megatrends. All this was described in the report "RES in District Heating. Technologies that will change the reality".

  • Anti-Smog roadmap | Inspirations from Żywiec and other Polish cities


    Forum Energii invites you to take part in an online conference entitled "Antismog Roadmap. Inspirations from Żywiec and other Polish cities", which will be held on 22 April. Will it be possible to increase the RES share in the local energy mix? To what extent? How to reduce heat demand in buildings? When will air pollution be reduced? What will be the costs of the change? What do the experts recommend? What inspiring examples of smog actions are already being introduced in other cities? The conference will be held in Polish. 

  • Forum Energii for Cities - webinar series


    Our the LeadAIR programme continues! We are starting the next stage: webinars addressed to local government officials and other people looking for specific hints and inspirations in actions to improve air quality and energy efficiency. We help cities to overcome smog! The webinar series in the Forum Energii for Cities series is open to all interested people, but aviable in Polish only.

  • Forum Energii LIVE – webinar series


    The coronavirus pandemic is keeping us at home. Let's use this time to meet on the Internet. We have prepared a series of webinars:  Forum Energii LIVE. We present the most important data on the energy sector, energy transformation and heating sector, but also we discuss the challenges and opportunities that the global economic crisis presents to Governments and the energy industry.

  • Warm change | How to reform the Polish heating sector?

    24.10.2019 Polityka Insight, Słupecka 6, Warszawa

    What should the Polish heating sector look like in 2030 and 2050? How to effectively include the heating sector in the fight against smog? These and other issues will be the subject of discussion during the conference "Warm change...", which will be held on October 24th in Warsaw. Forum Energii is a partner of this event. 

  • Panel expert meeting | Back to the future | How to change the energy market?

    12.9.2019 Warszawa

    The energy transition starts with the energy market. Digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization put pressure on the functioning of the market. Poland is on the threshold of such a discussion, and the package "Clean energy for all Europeans" is its prologue. The impact of this package on the energy sector is the subject of a panel of experts organized on 12 September by Forum Energii. 

  • Expert meeting | Climate and energy big picture 2030 after the European elections

    4.7.2019 Warszawa

    On the 4th of July, Forum Energii organized a debate on EU post-elections priorities 2030 in the field of energy and climate. What are the challenges awaiting the next European Commission and Parliament? What should be the EU key priorities regarding energy transition in the next 10 years? We discussed it within a group of key organizations from the energy, climate and transport sector. 

  • Workshop | eXtremOS | Extreme developments and the value of flexibility

    17.5.2019 Warszawa

    In most cases, discussions on the future shape of the energy system are focused on the possible developments. However, this does not include discussions on such scenarios, which are extreme in nature and can be destructive for the market and the system. In this context, it is the ability of the system to react quickly to these events, i.e. its flexibility, that determines its stability. The essence of flexibility will be discussed by the participants of the international eXtremOS workshop on 17 May 2019 in Warsaw.

  • Conference | Clean heat 2030 | Strategy for heating

    17.4.2019 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska ul. Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    There is no longer any need to convince anyone in Poland that improving air quality is a priority and a major challenge. Smog destroys health, generates costs, affects the quality of life and devastates the image of Poland in the world. How to ensure that air quality starts to improve, and society is willing to accept change? On the April 17, 2019 during the conference in Warsaw, Forum Energii, together with partners, presented the concept of the heat supply transformation until 2030. 

  • Panel expert meeting | National Energy and Climate Plan 2021-2030

    21.3.2019 Warszawa

    In January this year, the regulation on the governance of the Energy Union entered into force. Just a few days later, on time, the Ministry of Energy published the draft National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 (NECP)¸ required by this regulation. This is the second, next to the long-awaited Poland's Energy Policy until 2040, strategic document for the Polish energy industry.

  • Expert dialogue | Poland's Energy Policy 2040 - in search of an ideal scenario

    14.1.2019 Warszawa

    The Ministry of Energy presented the long-awaited draft of the Poland's Energy Policy until 2040 for consultation. Forum Energii, considering this document as a basis for discussion, prepared an in-depth analysis of the document. We believe that especially now, when the last bell for strategic decisions concerning the future of the Polish energy sector is ringing, it is necessary to speak out. 

  • Panel expert meeting | Offshore - perspectives for development in Poland

    29.11.2018 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska ul. Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    What are the perspectives for development of offshore in Poland? What are the costs of that? How to integrate offshore energy to the Polish power system? During the panel expert meeting on November 29, Forum Energii and invited experts were seeking answers to these and other questions.

  • Conference | COP24's contribution to the Paris Agreement | New dimension of energy security

    21.11.2018 Villa Foksal, ul. Foksal 3/5, Warszawa

    Energy security and climate change is an inseparable but often overlooked topic that should be taken up in the discussion on energy transition. Just ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, The German Marshall Fund’s Warsaw Office and Forum Energii hosted an event - COP24's contribution to the Paris Agreement | New dimension of energy security. You can watch entire conference on our youtube channel. 

  • Panel expert meeting | Locational market - an answer to the challenges in the Polish power system?

    18.9.2018 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska ul. Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    The energy market is undergoing major changes. The most important motivation for reforms is the lack of appropriate price signals to invest in energy and the lack of mechanisms to reward flexibility. Is a locational market an answer to the challenges in the system? Its pros and cons were discussed during the panel of experts on the September 18, 2018. 

  • Energy Innovation Hub | Zonal and nodal electricity pricing models - comparison

    30.8.2018 Forum Energii, ul. Chopina 5A/20, Warszawa

    On August 30, 2018, Forum Energii organized the second meeting of the Energy Innovation Hub. The guest of the meeting was prof. Lion Hirth from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and head of the consulting company NEON, who analyzed the nodal and zonal market models.

  • Energy Innovation Hub | Aurora's outlook for Polish power market

    3.7.2018 Forum Energii, ul. Chopina 5a/20, Warszawa

    On July 3, 2018, Forum Energii inaugurated the cycle of meetings called Energy Innovation Hub. During these meetings, we will discuss trends and innovations in the energy sector together with group of experts. The main guests of the first meeting were Dr. Manuel Koehler and Hanns Koenig from Aurora Energy Research. They presented their forecasts for the development of the energy market in Poland after the introduction of the capacity market.

  • Panel expert meeting | International heating strategies | Recommendations for Poland

    11.6.2018 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska ul. Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    Forum Energii is leading a project "Clean Heat" that aim is to support the development of a Polish country heating strategy in the context of European 2030 CO2 targets and heavy air pollution. The panel of experts on the June 11, 2018 is an element of this project and was dedicated to transition strategies of the heating sector in Europe.  

  • Conference | Flexibility of the Polish power system | Reform of the energy market

    6.6.2018 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska ul. Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    On June 6, 2018, Forum Energii in partnership with the CZIiTT of the Warsaw  University of Technology organized the conference dedicated to flexibility of the power system in the context of the expected changes of this sector in Poland.

  • Panel expert meeting | Winter package | Progress report and status of negotiations

    28.2.2018 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska, ul.Rektorska 4, Warszawa
  • Seminar | Heat Roadmap Poland

    25.1.2018 Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna, ul. Zielna 37, Warszawa

    On January 25, 2018, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), together with Forum Energii organized conference Heat Roadmap Poland in the framework of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Heat Roadmap Europe. 

  • Conference | Clean heat | Transformation of Polish heating

    30.11.2017 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska, ul.Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    On November 29, 2017, Forum Energii, in cooperation with CZIiTT of the Warsaw University of Technology, organized a conference "Clean Heat" dedicated to the transformation of the Polish heating system.

  • Conference | Polish energy sector 2050 | 4 scenarios | Economical, social and enviromental effects of the decisions

    22.9.2017 CZIiTT, Politechnika Warszawska, ul.Rektorska 4, Warszawa

    On September 22, 2017, Forum Energii organized the conference coverning the topis of energy mix in Poland and its future. Our aim was to initiate public debate on its advantages and disadvantages regarding different sources of energy.