Energy sector data

  • Monthly Magazine

    How is the structure of electricity production in Poland changing? What emissions are involved? What are the prices of fuels? Here is a summary of the most important data about the energy sector. Updated every month.   

  • Data about the energy sector to 2022

    We present a selection of Polish energy data relevant from the perspective of changes taking place in the this sector. This is a shortened version of the annual report "Energy transition in Poland. 2023 edition". The full pdf version can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

  • Forumetr - key electricity market data in one place

    What sources are used to produce electricity in Poland? What is the amount of CO2 emissions from a particular energy mix? From which countries do we import electricity? How does Poland look like in comparison to neighbouring countries? All these data can now be tracked on the Forum Energii website, hour by hour. We are handing over the Forumetr to you.